How to Use Canva to Create Amazing Content

A Beginners Video Series Covering the Basics to Help You Get Started

Course Summary

This course is a series of short, easy to follow videos to get you started using Canva.

1. Introduction 
A quick, simple explanation of what Canva is and what you can use it for.

2. Pricing Plans
Canva can be used for free,  but also has pro accounts. This lecture shows you the different pricing plans available so you can see what suits you individually, with a link to the pricing page provided, so you can check current prices, should there be any changes.

3. A Look at the Canva Home Page 
The home page Canva has offers many different resources and options. This video covers what is on the homepage and how you can utilize it.

4. A Look at the Types of Designs You Can Create 
There is a huge array of different designs and templates available for your use on Canva. This video breaks down some of the neat designs and how they might apply to your business.

5. Creating Designs 
For those that are more ambitious or want to add a unique touch, you can also create your own designs. That’s where this video comes in handy. It goes over the various options Canva offers for creating your own unique design. L

6. Sample Tutorial - How to Create an Infographic
Canva’s possibilities are nearly endless, and one of the options you can use is the ability to create infographics. This video covers the basics and gives you tips and tricks on how to tailor your infographic for your business.

7. Sample Tutorial - How to Create an E-Cover
One of the biggest selling point of your products is having an attention-catching eCover. This video breaks down how to create eCovers with Canva and its huge arsenal of graphics, photos and more.

Course Pricing

How to Use Canva to Create COntent


  • Beginner Level Video Series to Get Your Started